Firestone Global EDGE

Expert, Skilled & proficient Team

  Highly accomplished search team with knowledge of Industrial and functional roles, with sophisticated communication and negotiation Skills
  Consultant who are highly professional,  excellent conversationalist who carry a  confidence to poach different people from any industry simply
   24/7 work attitude
  Well trained in Industrial and functional roles. The Core expertise is divided in different vertical and builds a strong minded Team
  Well trained in different Search methodology such as Head hunting, Referencing, Industrial mapping etc.  Ensuring result,  in case of crisis situation

International Reach

  Well set of connections across globe
  Awareness about different regulations,  necessary for Applicant transition
  Local know how
  Alertness and an eye on changing market conditions keeps us and our client ahead

Infrastructural and Technology

  Admirable infrastructure facility and higher equipment’s to smooth the progress of assignment closure in time limit

Strong Global Database

  Excess to our own generated database with the size of more than 2 million profile through our habitual work long term work
  More than 50,000 Superior registered  Members from Top Management level.
  Excess  to more than 35 million CV’s though different network such as various portal’s, Social networking sites, different  advertising mode etc.
  Ability to generate database through various different network’s and sources

Rules, Structure and procedure

  At FIRESTONE GLOBAL, we are bind with benchmark of rules and regulations and consistency of various systems and process which ensure the freedom of idea’s without affecting Human limitations with no compromise in Quality in service attitude, ensuring Discipline thoughts and actions in place always.


  Truly believe in once privacy since we are in the business of Human. We understand the lack of  accuracy can seriously weakens the company’s long term plan.
  Ensure to maintain privacy in every contact and development while maintaining the principled customs, utmost benchmark of superiority and ensuring victorious result.    

R&D, Innovation and modern Technology

  Excellent venture in R&D which guarantee our method and study stay active and fresh
  Infusing the innovative methodologies time to time, thus increasing the chances of success
  Always ready to get in to new venture or industrial learning or Functional learning strengthen our quality of work
  Making efficient effort to learn the different ways of communication with Applicant and client ensuring the result on time  

Local Contact

  Well connected  with different property Agents, Different legal agents helps in various documentation process in transition of the applicant
  Accessibility to different business centres, Interview venue to conduct smooth recruitment drive
  Connection with various Representatives whenever required