At FIRESTONE GLOBAL, We provide Superior search consulting to our client and give a perfect platform to our applicant to get their dream Job/ company. We act here as mediator and help both the parties to understand the need and prospect of working engagement in future. Our job is to get right person for right Job wherein we encourage and retain the candidates. Our rigorous Superior and Staffing solutions helps to ensure the delivery of gainful offer for their work force requirements and resulting in win - win situation for both the parties.

The recruitment procedure purely depends on the clients requirement and approach to the candidate hunt. However, our search can be categorised in 5 ways of Global management rules where in result is the same to hunt best from the pool of the lot in market. Our 5 step’s Search process enables us to have the absolute success in any given assignment removing the chances of failure:-

  Trust and Communication – Understand the culture, Mutual business agreement
  Planning the Search Methodology - Search Process, Research and Mapping, Database and Network generation
  Operation and Execution – Interview process, Co – ordination , Reference Checks
  Closure Stage – Select, Offer, Joining Procedure
  Handholding Practices- Placement, Set in period

We have incorporated International exercises and procedures, extensive, multi - step practices which is built to understand the client’s requirement and research and discover, evaluate, offer, present and Close the requirement of our client company. The Search methodology is design to attract and hire best of the manpower from the market and enhancing the chances of Success of our client. Every successful closure/transition is a result of extensive use of our highly polished and time conscious, search method with the number of unique tools learnt though our experiences.



Understand the insights of client company
  Expressing our company process and understanding Client Company  Culture, work and Structures  
  recognize the vision, mission & objectives of client company
  Signing the business agreement with Hiring company
  describe your position requirements and understand its existence
  Understand the interview and hiring process of the organization


Planning  a Comprehensive Search Process
  Appointment of  one point contact Consulting Search partner for Client to ensure smooth Coordination internally and with client company
  Develop the Job description, Criteria of the profile though various internal and external sources.
  Rechecking the Job description with Hiring Manager
  Prepare the selling points for the client company
  programme and mutual agreement of weekly, Monthly status reassess with company
Mapping Exercise
  Characterize a tactics
  Building and arranging the right industrial expertise Search team
  Broaden exhaustive Industry Research Plan and Candidate search graph
  Prioritize tactical objectives to have smooth handling of Candidate queries
Database and Prospect contact list generation
  Select from extensive database resources and understand the database to be used.
  Study the industry and competitor work
  Categorize list of the competitor and target companies
  Assemble list of potential industry contacts to call


Introductory Interview of the prospect Applicant
  Initiate the Search Process and interview list of potential Candidates
  Conduct comprehensive search and exhaustively use the different database, industrial contacts & different resources
  Assemble CV’s and Prequalify list of probable candidates
  Develop Comprehensive Background Profile
  Qualify for Final Review from our Senior Search Consultant
Select Finalists for Presentation
  Compare & evaluate best qualified candidates
  Select Potential finalists
  Perform final in-depth interviews
  Check and verify credentials (i.e. Qualification, Experience, compensation, Current Location, Family Details and consent etc.)
  Choose Finalists for presentation
  Informal Reference check (If applicable at initial Process)
Present Final Candidates to Client
  Preparing candidate profile with detailed and accurate information on each Finalist
  Present the qualified candidates profile with client
  Discuss each candidates profile with  Client and check the candidate comparison.
  Client approves Candidates to Interview
Schedule First Client Interview
  Understand the  type of interview (telephone, face-to-face, video conference)
  Confirm who will be interviewing and his details
  Arranging the  interview date  and time and location  
  Ensuring Smooth co – ordination between  candidate & client
  Preparing candidates & client for interview
Debrief the applicant
  Recheck the interest of the candidate
  Ensure the warm up of the candidate about the opportunity
  Share the details information about company, their work and Job requirements.

Ensuring the candidates availability for interview on time

After Client Interview
  Understanding the client interest in the candidate’s
  Start after selection procedure on client approval  
  Checking the candidate interest and reenergize him about client company
Restart the Interview Process on client Intervention (If Requested)
  Assist with more interview in case of additional interview requested by client
  Systematic time management and accuracy in process


Initiate Closing Discussion with Client and Applicant
  Understand the detailed feedback of candidate about client interview
  Debrief the candidate about client organization, Job responsibility and  their future growth
  Authenticate the level of interest of the applicant and Confirm the continued interest of client as well.
  Keeping client in the loop for all the procedure, communication and negotiation at offer stage
Conduct Formal Reference Check
  Execute comprehensive assessment of Applicant’s  background with references shared
  Authenticate and verify Qualification Certificate, Current Compensation (Salary), Family back ground and previous performance check.
  Surrender written reference checks & verifications to client
  Legal Background check (if requested) by client
Negotiation and Offer Stage
  Share all essentials concern required from applicant to client  to accept the offer
  Resolve any further hidden concerns before extending the offer
  Submit Comprehensive detailed offer to candidate on behalf on client (If applicable)
  Receive approval on final documents to be sent to Candidate
  Sharing the Acceptance letter of the offer from candidate to client organization
  Understand the further process to be followed
Follow up’s / joining Formalities
  Constant follow up’s with application and client for smooth  Transition
  Keep him warm about the company
  Ensure his Resignation letter and start date after it is completed
  Offer Relocation assistance and ensure smooth co – ordination
  Share the require contact details of various expert Agents for Documentation process and any other legal or non legal activities.
  Maintain contact during transition to assist the candidate from any issues


Stay connected to avoid chances of lapse
  Maintain Ongoing Dialogue with Applicant and Client after successful transitions
  Ensure Smooth Integration of application into Applicant in organization
  Assuring the Achievement of Performance goals of Applicant and clients
  Communicate with client in case of alarming situation.